For Pharmacists

The pharmacist’s role is to dispense the life-ending medication.

The pharmacist must report that legal life-ending medication was dispensed by using the Pharmacy Dispensing Record Form to mail to the Oregon Department of Human Services within 10 days of dispensing the medication.

Medication Protocol

It is essential the patient understand how to take the life-ending medication. Call Compassion & Choices of Oregon for the medication protocol at 503-525-1956, Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

When you dispense the medication, you may want to provide the patient or patient’s representative with Compassion & Choices of Oregon’s Overview of the Oregon Death With Dignity Act for Patients (PDF).

Do not accept the written prescription directly from the patient. The Attending Physician is required to deliver or mail it to you.

Holding the Prescription

It is common for a patient to request the pharmacist hold the prescription until he or she is ready to have it on hand. It is your choice to comply.

Designated Pick Up

Because patients are terminally ill, many are not able to pick up their own prescriptions. The Oregon Death with Dignity Act permits the patient to designate someone to pick up the medication.

Referral to Compassion & Choices of Oregon

If the patient is not a client of Compassion & Choices of Oregon, consider providing him or her with a referral. Compassion & Choices of Oregon provides free support services for the patient and family through the Oregon Death with Dignity Act process, including providing a supportive presence at the time of death, if requested.

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